historic 1241 Carpenter Street
our building

Over fifty artists and craftspeople working in an awesome 19th Century factory building. 

We're in the Hawthorne neighborhood of Philadelphia. We're often lumped in with Bella Vista to the east and South Philadelphia which officially begins south of Washington Avenue. Our building is always buzzing with our many creative businesses and art studios.

One exhibition venues is  ARTSPACE 1241. It features our tenants and some guest artists each month.

Our close proximity to the Italian Market is terrific for us and our visitors. It's an authentic taste of Philadelphia! 

Alice Austin and Andrea Krupp two artworks

Invisible Landscapes is an exhibition of works on paper, prints, and artist books, by Alice Austin and Andrea Krupp exploring invisible landscapes.

In May of 2016, Austin visited The Lightning Field, a land art work by Walter De Maria, located in New Mexico. This art experience involves staying on site for 24 hours and walking in the vast landscape, the light changing on the 400 stainless steel poles. De Maria wrote about his art “The invisible is real.” He requested that no photos be taken of his installation and so Austin documented the place with drawings, filling a large sketch book during her stay. She created a series of dry point prints, from one large copper plate, using different color inks and papers, to show the changing light, and the presence of the invisible.


1241 events

Our third biennial single-sheet book show is an international call.
Participate in our upcoming single sheet book show. The prospectus is included at the link. Start folding and join the heavybubble mailing list to get updtes about when and how to submit and follow on twitter @heavybubble