ReMAP Cindi Ettinger Alice Austin

A series of prints by Cindi Ettinger  Alice Austin
May 4, 2024 to May 30, 2024
Vintage Philadelphia maps, headed for a dumpster, were intercepted by Alice Austin who shared the treasure trove with Cindi Ettinger. For several years, the two artists have independently used the damaged maps as a material element in their artwork. Alice prints her linoleum cuts of plants, birds, bugs and turtles on the maps. Cindi uses the maps as a graphic element for her small collages. 
Both artists create diverse artworks, reimagining and reconstructing the city plans.
May 4 - May 30, 2024
Opening Reception May 4, 3-5pm
Other hours by appointment
About the Artists
Cindi Ettinger is a master printer and proprietor of the C.R. Ettinger Studio, founded in 1982, printing editions for many diverse artists. In her own artwork, Cindi uses her knowledge and skill of the print medium, creating unique and unusual plaster-cast etchings. Her paper collages combine a variety of graphic elements and letterforms, sometimes with her densely printed etchings.
Alice Austin is a printmaker, book artist and painter living and working in Philadelphia. Inspired by the natural world, she creates linoleum prints from her drawings, using these graphic images in sculptural artist books that often function without words.