Pat Celenza Gamble : Averted Vision

Pat Celenza Gamble Movements in Time (detail)
January 11, 2019 to January 26, 2019

Artist Reception
Friday, January 11, 7pm

Time present and time past are both perhaps present in time future, and time future contained in time past.

– T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets


The origin of the use of Averted Vision is in astronomy. It describes the fact that dim stars cannot be seen when looking straight on. By looking slightly away from the center while concentrating on the edges, crisp focus is achieved and the unseen becomes visible. 


Similarly, Patricia has looked away from the standards of photography to look at other ways to utilize the medium. First in double exposure she started to see possibilities. Then, moving the film through the camera, creating sequences and panoramas sometimes with antique cameras or handmade pinhole cameras as well as manipulating images continued to widen her interest. 


All this study and practice helped Patricia to explore ideas about the universe, timespace and reality while using photography to reveal the unseen, questioning what we see. Which is real? When are we? Is this going to last forever? 


Pat Celenza Gamble
Tyler School of Art > Moore College of Art > Holy Family College > Retired Art Teacher


image: Movements in Time (detail)



Fridays + Saturdays 1 – 4pm (starting January 12)