Alyse C. Bernstein and Nick Cassway: Disturbance

Disturbance at ARTSPACE 1241, Alyce Bernstein and Nick Cassaway
September 6, 2019 to October 5, 2019



Fridays + Saturdays 1 – 4 PM


Alyse C. Bernstein  -  Plant Life 

These lithographs explore interchangeable imagery and the intersection between printing and quilting. Forming a single print installation, they combine the way a quilt top is created with the repetition of printmaking. Like a quilt top, the entire print is built by joining small pieces together to create a larger composition. The solid background unifies the individual prints and many are presented in several orientations. The installation on display contains two full editions of thirty eight prints along with a few extra to fill out the space. 

These lithographs began as sketches from direct observation of plants growing around Philadelphia in sidewalks, parks, and home gardens. The sketches were redrawn directly onto polyester plates using ballpoint pen and marker. They were printed in the second floor of this building on a Charles Most cast iron lithographic press. 


Nick Cassway - Start Screaming

The unfiltered and unguarded emotions that culminate in screaming are tense personal moments where we are at our most vulnerable. START SCREAMING presents an unbridled display of frustration, joy, anger, injustice, rage, vindication, or simply a release of steam. 


The paintings in START SCREAMING are created using computer cut stencils resulting in bold, impactful imagery and uses prepared roofing paper as a surface. The highly textured surface is coated with a red base and a very bright gold acrylic to elevate the humble surface as well as the participants and their emotions. 

START SCREAMING reveals what we all have in common - regardless of who we are and where we come from - that sometimes we need to scream to be heard, to demarcate a position, and to express our innermost, most raw emotions.



image: Untitled by Alyse C. Bernstein and Scream 2 by Nick Cassway