Super Psyched

super pysched at ARTSPACE 1241

Maria Beddia acrylic on wood

super pysched at ARTSPACE 1241

Kimberly Glyder, acrylic on panel

August 3, 2016 to August 27, 2016

Closing reception: Friday, August 26 from 5-7pm

Art Projects at Studio 103 is a close-knit collective of professional artists working in the same space on individual, unrelated projects. Kimberly Glyder is a book jacket designer, Matt Curtius and Gina Triplett are illustrators and fine artists, Maria Beddia is a printmaker and textile designer, and Martha Rich is a also an illustrator and fine artist. We came together through friendships and fate to establish this creative working space.

Super Psyched is the result of our personalities bumping into each other we while work on our respective projects in our designated spaces within the studio. Apart but together; music, visuals, chatter, colors, ideas fill our space and subconsciously force their way into the work. Each artist is showing personal work that has been influenced by the everyday mishmash of studio life and features paintings, sculptures and a mural.

An Artist Reception was held Wednesday August 3.