Emily Coleman : LOST RITE

emily coleman, stilted detail
February 1, 2016 to February 26, 2016

Emily Coleman believes that we are intrinsically linked with the landscape and the very nature of our beings have been shaped by our physical location. Her artwork takes an impartial look at the relationship between landscapes and people. 


artist reception
Saturday, February 13 at 7 - 9 PM
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Friday, February 26 2016 
4 -7 pm
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from the artist:

We are in a constant state of war with our environment while also having a rich history and devotion to it. In my work, I deconstruct what it is to be a civilization from one particular landscape and directly compare it with another. Through this I show the dichotomy between domination and symbiosis and how it produces variety. My imagery primarily focuses of farming techniques, ceremonies, familial traditions, crafting techniques, structures, and dynamic landscapes found around the world. My work uses these images and arranges them into new conceptually layered pieces.

I primarily use printmaking and drawing as a means of producing these works although the methodology of each piece is varied. I approach each piece as an individual landscape and work with it based on its strengths and limitations to further reinforce my concept. Each process is intentionally used to inform the work.



About Emily Coleman

Emily Coleman is an artist currently living and working in Philadelphia. She was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida where she grew a fondness for the outdoors and gardening. Growing up in a uniquely southern place she was introduced to a wide variety of wilderness and culture that has greatly influenced her work. She was introduced to art at an early age and continued her practice at an arts magnet high school, Douglas Anderson, where she developed a discipline in drawing and printmaking. She later went on to receive her BFA in Printmaking at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore. Now in Philadelphia she is a current member of the artist collective Space 1026 and works as a sewing teacher at Butcher’s Sew Shop.